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Based in London, Astute Nannies offers high-quality nanny placement services from full-time, live-in positions to temporary positions for travel. Our highly experienced team aim to work with clients and candidates to create successful placements.

​All of us at Astute Nannies have had first hand personal experience being involved in the hiring process, whether if it has been as a client or a candidate. We believe that this gives us a greater understanding and knowledge which contributes to us placing together clients and candidates with mutual values. This results in providing routine, safety and most importantly happiness for the children.



Antonia Elisabeth Thomson

Astute Nannies was founded by Antonia Thomson. The idea came about when she had been a nanny for four years and she discovered the importance of being placed with a good family. She was able to understand and appreciate that a good relationship contributes to the successful structure of the family household which in turn benefits not just the children but the parents and the nannies. 

As a result of her experience she was determined to help other nannies and families to have the same experience that she was fortunate to have as she believes it is key to the child’s happiness and provides stability for them.

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